NYC: the happiest place on earth

This may sounds like I am on iowaska, but just go with me for a minute.  When I think of Mickey Mouse, I don't think of the cute cartoon character.  I think of the rabies-carrying mice.  When I think of mice, I think of New York.  My New York apartment had an infestation of mice that indirectly had me running for the hills...of Hollywood. 

95% percent of my vintage t-shirts are black, so when I found this white Mickey Mouse shirt, I was sold.  Wearing this white shirt also got me thinking about New York again.  Maybe because I miss New York, or maybe because my A.D.D. is just really aggressive today.  Regardless, back to the story...

It was the middle of summer and it was a casual 700 degrees and humid.  The whole city reeked of something that I can best describe as Taco Bell-diarrhea mixed with rotten milk... but that's a whole 'nother story.  I was on my way to David Barton gym on Astor Place in a white cut off shirt and Nike running shorts.  At the time I was semi training to run a marathon, so I'd run a minimum of 5 miles [daily].  Any avid runner knows that nipple protection is extremely important!  Sweat mixed with the friction of a shirt [while running] equals extreme nipple irritation.  In preparation [for my long run that day], I put Vaseline on my nips and off I went.  As I was walking to the gym, I felt like Stella got her groove back!  Everyone on the street was smiling and staring at me... I thought "Wow apparently these angry New Yorker's have never seen a walking goddess before."  My confidence was at an all time high.  I continued walking and realized everyone wasn't looking at my face, but about a foot south... Suddenly, I had flashbacks to years of my female friends telling random guys in the club "my eyes are up here, pervert"  ...I found a mirror and instantly wanted to jump off the Empire State Building.  The Vaseline seeped through my white T-shirt making my 2 little-pepperoni's completely visible to the world!  It was like "Girls Gone Wild: Wet T-shirt Contest: Concrete Jungle Edition".  It was a trauma in real life.  

At the end of the day, LA has me and my nipples...and NY has mice.  ✌️ "Free The Nipple"