My Coachella Committment

Coachella is looming and if I see anyone on my feed wearing a fucking flower crown, I will block you on all social media platforms immediately. 

I have real commitment issues.  I am someone who is all in!  Which means: If I commit to something, I give 110%.  I will make it my life's mission to do/be the best at whatever it is.  With that being said, it can also go the opposite direction...if I am uninterested or uninspired, I give zero fucks and turn into Elsa... [ice cold].  I take offense when people half-ass things.  ...Put in everything or nothing, but doing the bare minimum is a waste of time.  For instance, on Halloween if you are going to be a cat...a slutty outfit and cat ears just doesn't cut it for me.  You better be the cat.  I'm talking chasing mice, and pissing in a litter box...If not, you are just boring to me.

Coachella is on top of my list ...of current annoyances!  Somehow all these "fashion" bloggers have turned this music festival into a fashion season.  To me dressing like Pocahontas and wearing gold tribal (temporary) tattoos is not fashion, it's boarder-line offensive.  The entire culture originated from authentic artistic self-expression ...and music.  -And has since turned into a Felicia-Fest.  If you buy your Coachella outfit from the "H&M Coachella Collection" you aren't expressing anything except the fact that you are basic and poor.  If I'm going to do it...I'm going all out!  ...Since I have no desire to go this year, I'm not going.  If I wanted to see a bunch of shitty people I try to avoid on my regular day-to-day, I'd go to Runyon Canyon on a weekend -or- I'd post up at one of those walls, with the angel wings painted on it, that all these riri's flock to.

But if I did go [to Coachella], I'd wear this...  ...  ...And at the end of the day, I'd feel bad...  I want someone else to have the opportunity to be on "Vogue Magazine's Top 25 Looks From Coachella" ...someone else deserves a turn.  #PassingTheTorch