Geographically. Un. Desirable.  My biggest struggle in life is missing.  Not the adjective, but the verb.  Being a bit of a nomad, I am constantly missing people.  No matter where I am, there will always be someone not there [to miss].  It's a Catch-22.  If I never moved anywhere, I would feel claustrophobic and stifled.  -But when you are not physically close to people, it can cause a rif in the relationship.  Communication is detrimental to staying in-touch.  A phone works both ways, and I can only be responsible for one end of that.  Feeling relationships fade is inevitable... and weighs heavy on my heart.

The Eagles song "Desperado" has always been near and dear to me...the lyrics are like listening to my autobiography.  Every time I move, or feel a bit lost, I listen to it on repeat.  I recently got a tattoo inspired by the song (I'll show you later).  Being a desperado doesn't mean you are alone in the world, with no place to go.  To me, it means I believe enough in myself to know I can go anywhere and do anything...on my own.  And in doing that, I will miss a lot of people dearly!  Minnesota will always have my heart!