Sweet Escape

As I have mentioned before, I can't stay in one place too long.  I get stir-crazy when my day-to-day feels like a routine.  At my [old] age, these routines trigger a minor form of O.C.D.  Which inevitably causes me major anxiety.  That stress comes out through my skin in psoriasis... Those flare-ups were telling me I needed a break, and my head and heart agreed...  

11 Reasons Why Minnesota Is The Perfect Place To Relax:

  1.  Nobody keeps up with the Kardashians.
  2. There are no obligations.  The only thing I try to do each day is a couple downward dogs and few warrior II's... or nap... or not.
  3. Everyone is so fucking nice.  There is a term called "Minnesota Nice" and it really is a thing!  Strangers say "Hi" to each other on the street, everyone says "Please" & "Thank you."  And people are just so friendly!  As annoying as that sounds, it's completely genuine, and is really contagious!
  4. There is no traffic!  ...Anywhere.
  5. You can wear sweat pants to Wal-Mart!  Honestly, you can wear just about anything to Wal-Mart... and as long as you aren't wearing a banana clip, you will be the best-dressed there!
  6. Tax-Free shopping makes Mall of America more fun ...and takes the guilt out of "treating yourself"!
  7.  Nobody cares about your diet.  Gluten-free isn't an option.  And counting calories isn't a thing... So when Cheese Curds are on the appetizer menu, you order them!
  8.  Fresh Air.  I never realized how filthy the LA smog is, until you're surrounded with fresh air.  The clean air and humidity have created a spa-like feel for my skin
  9.  "Going Out" means taking my mom's puppy out for a walk.
  10.  No cell phone reception forces you to put your phone away!  It's so relaxing for me not to hear my text messages going off... or e-mail alerts... or phone calls...  It's liberating.
  11.  My favorite thing about Minnesota, is that I get to spend time with my family.  I love not having to impress anyone.  My family keeps me in check, regardless of what I am doing, I will always be the baby of the family and therefor the butt of most the jokes!  We just talk, laugh and spend time together.  Having them by my side takes all my stresses away! 

...Until I land at the "awakened nightmare" I call LAX ...then cue the anxiety!