This blog is my baby.  Let's face it, I am too irresponsible and selfish to have a real baby.  But at least I am smart enough to accept that fact; not one of those dumb-ass parents forgetting their baby in the back seat of a hot car.  With that being said, like a baby, my blog does take up a lot of time and energy.  -And, I have to deal with a lot of shit.  Luckily not in the form of diapers...but from irrelevant, oversensitive strangers!

I took a little break, but don't think I was neglecting my baby.  Think of it as a maternity leave.  I wanted to regroup and get re-inspired.  As kids, we are taught that we learn more when we do less talking and more listening!  I have been taking everything in, and excited about whats in the "talks" for little METRO.  My baby is growing up... and teenagers are awful...I'm doing everything in my power to keep him active without being on "16 and Pregnant."  The struggle is TIRE'ing