I went on record saying I thought teenage girls were awful people.  They have no manners, they giggle at everything, and are straight up conniving.  I thought they were the worst [humans], that was until recently, when I had the unfortunate pleasure of having drinks with a couple 20-something girls.  It happened via me being thrown under the bus; as I typically steer clear of sorority-type girls.  These girls graduated college a couple years ago, and were annoying as fuck.  From their stories, it sounded like these were "those girls" who got shitty after one Mike's Hard Lemonade and made out with their girlfriends for attention.  Fast forward, all of a sudden after getting a college diploma, they immediately transform into future business leaders of America ...with horrible personalities.  It's like as soon as they graduated, they bought a briefcase and thought they were Gods-gift to society.  One in particular was very outspoken.  She was talking about her job and how she was a powerful female proving herself in a male dominated company.  -And how she doesn't respect her friends who after graduation, put their careers on hold to be mother's and wife's [to men].  Then she began talking about how all men are dogs (because she went on so many horrible dates).  She went on to say that she will never find a man in LA, because they don't fit the criteria.  This dumb bitch went on for 30 minutes talking about her checklist.  She clearly saw one too many rom-coms.  I was well on my way to blackout, in hopes to escape these basics.  It took everything in my drunk stupor not to say, "You are single because you are awful and even after 11 drinks, you still aren't cute."  What annoyed me the most about this girl, was that she is a grade-A hypocrite.  In the workplace, she believed females should be treated the same as men.... but in her dating life, she is Adolf Hitler.... discriminating guy who weren't 6'2" or taller.  Delusional.  The kicker in the evening, was when this girl, who didn't buy a single round of drinks all night, started complaining how she can't drink the red wine I bought because she had just bleached her teeth...  -And that was my cue to [push her off the rooftop balcony] go.  

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