Dhiarrea Got You Down?

This stomach flu hit me like a shit ton of bricks...Literally.  I can't remember the last time I felt this ill.  At one point, I was cuddling with the toilet and it was like Sophie's choice as to which end I was gonna make in the toilet.  I know T.M.I.  The past 2 days I brought a pillow and blanket and made a nest on my bathroom floor.  I have learned that in matters like these, time is of the essence ...after a few missed attempts running from my bed.  On a lighter note, I literally have no food or liquid in my body, so garage-sale-skeletor is in full effect!  I felt this look was perfect for my #OOTD...  cause I am definitely feeling blue.  My actual outfit of the day is flannel pajama pants, cold sweats, and a very pale face.