Panda Panda Panda

Swimsuit season is here, and unfortunately for my body, I have completely lost all self-control.  Summer is around the corner, but so is Panda Express.  There is nothing I love more than to binge on some greasy Chinese.  When I am deathly hungover, it is the only cure.  I always order orange chicken and lo mein, and receive a muffin top. The other day I nearly had a conniption!  I got home with my Panda potluck, put on Handmaid's Tale (when I indulge I need the whole ambiance: so good TV is a must... and if you haven't watched Handmaid's Tale... You better start now!  "Under his eye")  I set up my feast only to realize they didn't give me any soy sauce!  This isn't the first time they tried to ruin my life.  I learned early-on they don't give the soy sauce unless asked for.  When I ask, they only give me one packet...ONE!  I have to wonder, are these soy sauces coming out of their salary?  If not, are they part of some sick masochist-cult who get-off on ridding people of this salty goodness?!  -Or maybe they are just hoarding for their personal stash...and if that's the case, maybe I should think about changing my career path!  ❤️ Panda!