Under His Eye

Let me start by saying if you haven't watched Hulu's Handmaid's Tale... Honestly, fuck this blog, and go watch immediately!  I'm obsessed!  You can catch up on the blog later.  Now that we are on the same page, I feel like Offred.  At a young age I started modeling; and like Offred, I was used... for my looks.  I spent every day going to castings.  As a child, getting verbally ridiculed [about all my insecurities, by adults] felt very sadistic.  When I got booked (or being a handmaid: pregnant), I was catered to and treated like royalty...  but those moments were few and far between.  Like the handmaids, the downtime seemed to be the hardest for me.  Inadvertently, my whole life and livelihood was centered around my appearance.  As you can imagine, that's not the best foundation for success.  The pressure caught up with me... And after 14 years, I stepped aside.


If we are still talking Handmaid's...I started my blog to do things on my terms (a "commander" if you will).  My style.  My words.  My voice.  I realized very quick that people don't like when you have that kind of freedom.  I was expecting to get heat for what I write; I know I am controversial.  What I wasn't expecting, was the sheer amount of hate I would receive regarding the way I looked..  I wish I could go Handmaid's Tale on them and publicly stone and hang anyone who speaks ill of me, but unfortunately I can't.  It's a disgusting display of humanity that "these people" are so offended by how "ugly" I am, they will write obscenities to a stranger!  Get a hobby!  -Since you have so much spare time on your hands [for these lengthy evil messages]...I suggest you start your own blog,... so you too can be ridiculed by your peasant-trash peers!

But for any of you trolls out there, that are still hot and horny to talk shit on me, you can contact my modeling agencies in NY or LA, and voice your concern on how nasty I look.  -Cause I'm still signed bitch!  'Blessed day. 

Hat Vintage // Sunglasses Illesteva // Jacket Faith Connexion // Shirts H&M // Pants Zara // Shoes Adidas