Swish Swish

Everyone I meet (in person) is shocked at how "nice" I am.  Maybe they get the wrong impression by my sour disposition [on the blog].  Regardless, I was raised to be kind and respectful...I wish I could say the same for everyone else!  I meet a lot of people, and unintentionally happen to end up at the same places as other "influencers".  I don't deal well with the "better than thou" mentality.  On Monday, I was at an event... My friend was talking to an "influencer" and asked what his name was... The guy rolled his eyes, laughed, and said "You don't know who I am?  Everyone here knows who I am here.  I'm famous."  It would be tacky for me to name names, but *COUGH* @itsreallyken.  I was born with manners, not class...  So I don't feel bad throwing some shade.  You aren't famous, you are infamous.  Honestly I knew who he was; that trash stood out like a sore thumb.  I can spot that cake face from a mile away... and Forever 21 has never looked so cheap!  I am not sure how he has so many followers, but if everyone he sleeps with, follows him... Then we may be on to something.