City Of Angels

I came for the weather, I stayed because I am still stuck in traffic trying to get out.  I have a love/hate relationship with LA.  I love and miss it when I'm not here, and hate it the rest of the time.  I don't like sweating (unless I am at Sweat Theory, my favorite infrared sauna).  Global warming is a thing!  When I moved here, the summers were an enjoyable 88 degrees.  Years later, every day it's 100+ degrees.  It's hot as hell, but at least in hell, I wouldn't have to deal with all the annoying m-actors (model/actors).  Another cause for complaint, is the fucking traffic.  Here, you don't judge a destination distance in miles, you judge by time.  Basically, 1 mile equals 30 minutes.  I know-I know... Everyone who doesn't live here is thinking: Why don't you just walk?!  Because if you are seen walking in Los Angeles, bystanders in their cars (stuck in traffic) will think you are either on meth or homeless... or both.  If you follow this blog, you [should already know] I don't care what people think, but I also don't like manual labor,   so walking is not in the cards!  -And in all honestly I don't like to put any miles on my beautiful shoes.