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I have met some crazy people.  I believe crazy attracts crazy, and that's why all my friends are bat-shit-crazy (in the best way possible).  With the fun-crazy, comes the "lost-sheep" type crazy.  Crazy, like possibly under-cooked in their mama's oven type crazy.  When I worked at Barney's New York, I met one of those "lost-sheep" ...but not lost as in he had strayed from the herd, but lost in Arizona searching for the pack.  To save face [for him], we will call him "Troy"  (LOL that's actually his name).  Troy was nuts!  -But I loved working with him.  He made time fly-by... hearing his stories and antics was like watching free HBO [at work].  Back to the story, at Barney's we had employee codes and a passwords (to ring transactions.)  Our username was given to us, and each employee made their own password.  As always, Troy fucked up a transaction... put in the wrong employee, or rang the wrong item, who knows (in this particular occasion), because it was a daily issue [with him]!  In order to resurrect the problem, we needed him to sign in (with his employee code and password) and change it.  Seeing as I didn't trust Troy with sharp objects, let alone to fix a computer problem... I decided to fix the problem myself. In doing so, I needed Troy's username and password.

Me:  Troy, what's your username.

Troy:  What's that?

Me:  Bitch, it's the number you use to sign in to the computer, to ring, to clock in and out... The 5 digit number!!

Troy:  I think it's "88212"

Me: You think?!?!  [Tries and doesn't work] (SIGHS)  That didn't work!!

Troy:  Oh it's "88204"

Me: [Rolls eyes] What's your password?

Troy: [Nervously looking around] "eat ass 69"

**At this point our supervisor had come over to see what was going on** 
Me: [Now that I have a captive audience, I speak a little louder for dramatic effect]  Troy, for your password, is "eat ass 69" all lowercase?!

Troy: [meekly] Yes.

What a deranged lunatic!  Your corporate work password is "eatass69"!  How do you have a job, and who hired you?!  I haven't crossed paths with Troy since I left that job.  He is either rich as fuck and invented something ridiculous like the fidget spinner... or he is in a ditch somewhere.  I believe, us "crazies" either find our niche and are geniuses, or are mis-understood and self-destruct.  I like to think I found my niche, unfortunately I don't think the same can be said for "Troy."

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