Wild Wild THOTS

I went out in Hollywood last night.  I had no idea body-con dresses were still a thing?  I was also shocked at the amount of square-toes shoes in attendance (accompanied [ofcourse] with an Express button down shirt...You know the ones, they are a bit too sheen and feel sub-par... but at 29.99 it will get you laid by a Valley girl in said Hollywood club).  I'm a grown ass man, but I felt child-like again to be in the presence of so many horrific trends!  Frosted hair, Von Dutch hats, and the smell of douchey cologne only available for purchase at mall kiosks or Walgreens.  Needless to say, I left before last call (which never happens) and went home and showered... I needed to wash the feel of shame and pedestrian air off my body.  Because my bed sheets have higher class and higher thread count than the natural public. 

** Side note:  Don't get me wrong, I love the early 2000's...Britney+ Justin 4 EVA**