You Betta Werk

Honestly in LA, does anyone work?  I mean,  besides me?  I work in Venice, and there is traffic 24/7, restaurants are constantly packed, and streets are flooded with people shopping [during the work week].  What kind of job do you have that you can casually get white girl wasted on bottomless Mimosas and shop at 2pm ...on a Wednesday?  The other juxtaposition is that all these people [not working] ironically all have Chanel bags.  I mean everyone.  The homeless people are begging for change with Chanel "Boy Bags" , Beverly Hills housewives carrying "Chanel Classics", teenage girls with their Chanel "Reissue bags"...I mean, shit even some boys are carrying Chanel totes!  I find it very hard to believe that 90% of the west-side population is able to afford a $7,000 handbag...  Especially when nobody is ever fucking working.  Meanwhile, I'm over with the worlds worst credit score, dancing like a stripper who's rent is due tomorrow.  #Wekin