Food For THOT

I love rock and roll, but I think I like Totino's Pizza Rolls more.  I went to college for about 13 days, before I got served with 2 underage drinking violations.  It was the college's rule that after 3 alcohol citations you will be expelled...I decided to be proactive and give the school the bird, and moved to LA.  Shockinly enough, in those 13 days, thanks to sausage pizza rolls dipped in ranch dressing (and alcohol) I was able to earn my right of passage, as a college experience, to gain the Freshmen 15 [pounds].  With 2 alcohol citations and a muffin top under my belt [literally], my agency put me on fat suspension [until I got my waistline under control].  Adulthood was not looking so fun!  Thankfully I was young enough to have a fast metabolism, so I ate a vegetable and was back in the game.  I still look back fondly of those 13 gluttonous days of no self-control and how fun and delicious that was!  15 years later, I am in the same conundrum, trying to control my muffin top, and having no self-control spending money