"RED!" is the safe word in Fifty Shades of Grey... I wish it was socially acceptable for me to scream "RED" in my day-to-day life to make people STOP!  Do you think it would work?

  • "I started this new diet you should try."  -"RED"  I don't care what you eat, and if anyone should be giving advice, it should be you (water buffalo)!
  • "I just got back from vacation."  -"RED"  I'm glad you have daddy's money to travel Europe, I heard there was a huge STD outbreak in the south of France, but I'm sure you are fine.
  • "What do you do for work?"  -"RED"  It's highly offensive how many people are so inquisitive how I make money, and how much I make money from my blog.  So vapid, I am not asking to see your pay stubs from McDonald's... so have the same respect.
  • "Are your eyes / eyelashes real?"  -"RED"  Yes. I'd have to believe it would be difficult to live a normal life with glass eyes, but I'll look into pun intended.
  • "Give me a shout out on Instagram."  -"RED"  Naw.
  • "What are you doing this weekend?"  -"RED"  Working.  Just assume I'm always working.  I work a full-time job.  I also have a blog... with that comes: shopping, putting together looks, shooting, editing, writing, posting, and promoting on social media.  If you can't see the picture I am painting... I am always working...24/7...364... I like to relax on Christmas!
  • "I like your blog, but if you were less controversial, it would be more marketable."  -"RED"  Maybe you should start a blog yourself; you can post your avocado toast and write about how you are #blessed.  I tell it like it is, and I don't plan on changing that.  If you are looking for quotes of Ghandi and posts of hearts in morning Mochas, I can refer you to plenty of basic bitches to follow their blog.
  • "How do you have so many followers on IG?"  -"RED"  I believe people go to my page (@sektual) and I think there is a place on the top that says "Follow."  I'm not sure what happens next, but I think they are then following me, and then the number of my "followers" number goes up.  Crazy concept I know!!

I think a lack of common sense is our newest epidemic.  Make the world a better place, and think before you speak.  Thank you! 

Hat Brixton // Shirt H&M // Watch Vestal // Jeans Levis // Shoes Golden Goose