Always On My Mind

I think the biggest misconception of me, is that I am a loud mouth, know-it-all.  As Bethenny Frankle would say, "Maybe I actually know-it-all!"  I like to speak my mind [when I write on the blog] but in actuality, I am quite introverted, and very much in my own head.  I have been known to have a natural "stank" face a.k.a. "resting bitch face."  In all honestly, I am probably thinking about what I am doing in this life... wondering if my muffin top is showing...or trying to remain calm and be cautiously optimistic about my irregular-shaped moles.  Being an adult is so stressful!  When I was a kid, my biggest concern was what outfit to wear to school in order to guarantee the title of "Best dressed" (which obviously, I won).  Now days, everything and anything stresses me out!  I try not to outwardly express my anxiety, I would rather be the friend who helps with problems, rather than deal with my own.  Deflection is protection, and Klonopin is key!  Waiting for my Gucci shirt in the mail nearly gave me a conniption... but it's here, and my anxiety has lowered (for the time being).