Take It Eazy [E]

I read this quote recently that really resonated with me, "Some people die at 25, and aren't buried until they are 85."  It really got me thinking about life.  I don't want to regret anything.  I want to check everything off my bucket list.  I want to take risks, and make mistakes.  I want to stick up for myself, and believe in the power of me.  We are the only ones holding our self back from doing great things!  Today is the oldest and youngest we will ever be again the rest of our lives.  So when you are feeling upset or having a bad day, just know you are missing out on that last day of your youth.  -And we are only getting uglier!  I just read this post, and I sound like Mother Theresa or some sort of fucked-up anti-suicide Hallmark card...But what I am trying to say is: live life to the fullest and enjoy it!  Easy-breezy like Eazy-E