Friends of Sektual: @tomkivell

Tom Kivell

    1. BFF of @sektual
    2. Fashion maven
    3. Very very chic

I met Tom many moons ago… at a dead end retail job [that I try to erase from my mind], and therefore, will remain nameless.  Tom was living in Chicago at the time, and flew in for the interview.  Coming straight from the airport, he showed up to the store with a giant duffel bag.  Tom said, “Hi, I am here for the interview.”  Me, being a bitch (looked down at his weekend bag) and under my breath said, “You are really making yourself comfortable, are you planning to move in?”  Tom replied “What?”  [Still being a bitch] I replied “I like your duffel.”  He obviously got hired because we were the only ones in that shit-hole with half a wit, and we became instant best friends.  Tom and I now live on opposite sides of the country, but when we visit each others’ coast, it’s as if time never changed and we have the best time!  With Tom’s birthday approaching (finally 21) I thought it would be fun to sit down at my Penthouse Suite at 11 Howard Hotel and play some games for the blog!
Would you rather:
T: Would you rather freeze to death OR burn to death?
S: Def freeze.  I live in LA and hate the heat.  Although I think it would be faster to burn, I feel like my green eyes would really pop with my frozen blue skin-tone…and what a way to go out; looking better than ever.
T: Deep!  LOL.  Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life OR always be surrounded by annoying people?
S: I mean living alone the rest of my life sounds like a dream!  People give me anxiety, and I would much prefer being around amazing company …myself!
T: That speaks volumes of our friendship LOL.  Would you rather smell like poop and not know it OR constantly be smelling poop that nobody else can smell?
S: I’d much rather smell like poop!  Going back to the last question, at least people would avoid me and not invade my personal space!
T: Would you rather have sex with a goat and no one would know OR not have sex with a goat but have everyone think you did?
S: I need to know more information about said goat.  What does the goat want to do?  Is the goat into me?  I feel like the goat has a reputation we need to think about too.  I don’t feel comfortable answering this.

T: On that note, lets move on to Kill, Fuck, Marry.  
T: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts
S: Kill Emma Stone- Lisps kinda creep me out, Fuck Emma Roberts, and Marry Hermione
T: Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Jordan Barrett
S;  I’d Kill myself, those beauties can Fuck and Marry each other!  The world is in crisis right now and needs some model ménage à trois!
T: The Countess Luann, Vicki Gunvalson, Teresa Giudice
S: Kill Teresa Giudice- I don’t need any legal issues, Fuck the countess, and Marry Vicki- at least we can “woop it up” together!
T: Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez
S:  I don't know who any of those are.  They are too irrelevant to comment on.

T: Quick fire…ready?
S: Yep!
T: Ranch or BBQ
S: Ranch
T: Kaia Gerber or Hailey Baldwin
S: Kaia
T: Favorite Kardashian
S: Kendall
T: Saint Laurent or Gucci
S: Today, Gucci
T:  Favorite singer
S: Khalid, Halsey, and LANY
T: Cara’s Eyebrows or Georgia May Jagger’s Gap Teeth
S: This is going to come as a shock, but I’ve always dreamt of having a diastema, so Georgia May’s teeth
T: Half Full or Half Empty
S: Hopefully full; and hopefully it’s alcoholic
T: Panda Express or Taco Bell
S: Yum! Panda!
T:  New York or Los Angeles
S: New York!  Always!  -And in a couple months when global warming continues, and Los Angeles melts into the ocean, and NY won’t have snow… I will move back!  ...Or hopefully sooner.

Enjoy the re-cap of my trip-in-pictures.  I truly had the most amazing time.  It has me wanting to move back.  I requested my Lyft [to the airport] at 4am.  The city was so quiet and serene.  I listened to LANY’s “13” in the backseat, with my headphones... as if a soundtrack to my life.  It was so cinematic, and so sad.  I had already lived in New York once, and it wasn’t for me, but I was not excited to go home to LA… Not even “not excited” but actually dreading it.  I felt like Lauren Conrad watching Heidi drive away from their apartment to live with Spencer [on The Hills].
Knowing that her life was going to change forever, and nothing was ever going to be the same again!  I love NY. 

Happiest Birthday to my BFF!  He is the best person to vent to, always good for a giggle, always down to get a drink and so so fun!  Follow this bitch’s immaculate IG @tomkivell.