Times Up!

What is the world coming to?  Every day another story breaks about another director, another actor, and another photographer being accused of sexual misconduct...  It really has me losing hope in all humanity.  In light of all this disturbing news, is the strength of the victims coming forward and using their voice to speak out and rid themselves of the internal guilt [from said incidents].  So I would like to take a minute on this platform, and get something tragic of my chest!  2017 was a tumultuous year for me.  One struggle after another, and in the end, I lost something very near and dear to my heart... my neck.  Sometime in the late months of 2017, my thirst for live was  overcome by my appetite of carbs.  Much like when I sit down to pee... my one (chin) turned into two!  The eternal optimist that I am, I have to stay positive!  A few years late to the party, I recently started watching Game of Thrones... and I just can't help but think in our current economic state, if shit gets real and the Lannister clan comes after my head, it'll take them a few swings to be-head this meaty neck!  Sorry to all you beautiful, skinny, long neck glamazons ...y'all gonna be the first to go! 
"Dracarys, bitches!