2018 (eye roll)

2018 has been stressful.  And people are crazy.  Is everyone in LA genetically decomposed to be in a perpetual state of chaos?  I feel like San Bernardino opened their county line and flooded our infrastructure with erratic meth-heads.  I have always felt the people of Los Angeles seem a bit fried (in the head)...i.e. been in the sun approximately 7 years too long... or maybe a product of not being in the womb long enough...  Regardless, the lack of common sense fueled with delusion has me feeling like Angelina Jolie in "Girl Interupted" ...A beautiful goddess among a sea of insane fuck-tards. 

Speaking of brain-dead Felicia's... The Santa Monica Pier, population of 100% tourist, is my version of an awakened nightmare!

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