Don't Trust

Attempting to start off 2018 correct, I got a self-help book.  Lord knows I could write a book of what not to do in life; so with an open mind I started reading!  The book is called "You Are A Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life".  [Mind Blown]  I am halfway through and I am ready to live my best life ever... It'll be difficult to do with out any negative thoughts....  So similar to having that last cheat meal before a restricted diet... Here's a last vent before I get my nun costume and join the covent.  Let's go.  Praise be...
-What's up with these "bloggers" who don't write?  Are you then just a short, ugly model?!
-I don't like to talk/nor discuss my diet; I don't think it's anybodies business what I put in my mouth.  But why do chubbies constantly butt in and try to give me diet advice... It's called a treadmill and discipline... Try it.
-Can we just ban the whole online dating platform.  It's just too easy to "swipe"... These Felicia's are getting so specific with their "types" it's turning people into modern day Hitlers.
-I am so drained of everyone in LA's complaining about everything.  White girl problems.  I had a rough day too... I took so many gorgeous selfies my phone died.  Touche' basic.
-When did these steroid bro's start growing out their hair?  They are already so vein-y, and grunt-y and now they are sporting these little chode pony-tails!  It doesn't look good, you look like a fool!
-Can everyone stop being fucking crazy!  I don't know if these wackos are unsure how to self-medicate, or are over prescribing themselves.  Either way, get your life together.  Amanda Bynes can happen to anybody.

Unfortunately, I think I am missing a lot of key points here...  But typing this has left me with a mild case of PTSD... So I should get back to my book!  Get it here