Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired

The flu has been going around... These transients who cough without covering their mouth, and refusal to implement proper sanitary practices have left me sick; and without a voice for the past 2 days.  Being a voice of reason, (no pun intended) I find it sacrilegious to have gotten laryngitis.  While I've been dealing with a sinus headache, while coughing up a lung, I was thinking how peaceful the world would be if more people weren't able to talk.  Helen Keller could have been a nasty 1900's equivalent to Donald Trump, but luckily nobody could hear that bitch.  Regardless, I know American Sign you can't keep this bad bitch down... May all your annoying, hypocritical, and know-it-all friends get sick this winter season; so they keep their mouth shut.  Be seen and not heard, valetudinarian.