Single AF

People always ask me, why are you single?  At my age, most people are coupled up, have children, divorced, and or all of the above -or- single and jaded from the dating pool.  While I should have been finding my soulmate I was busy working and living my dream.  Being unconventional, and too proud to online date, I decided I was going to put myself “out there” my way... … Here.

Sektual’s Dating Profile

Hobbies: living outside my means, drinking until I feel confident, and McDonald's Ranch Dressing.

Likes: Obstructing egotistical meatheads view of themselves [in the mirror] at the gym, finding ingrown hairs and naturally picking them out, and avoiding human interaction at all costs.

Dislikes: Making plans, following through with plans, and any celebration where I am not the center of attention.

Qualities I am looking for: Hopefully breathing, but not a deal breaker.  someone who takes good pictures of me, not debatable.

My ideal date: Me alone in bed binge watching a Netflix Original Series with Panda Express.

Relationship goals:  To create enough alliances until I can blind side each and every one so I can win the million dollars (once I inevitably get chosen to be on Survivor)!

Myself in 3 words: way, outta, yourleague

Feel free to send all potential dates my way,