3 a.m. Sektual Insights

I love me a good cocktail.  I typically prefer vodka/soda, but lately it's been more of a sobering cocktail of anxiety/insomnia.  The idle mind is the the devil's playground.     

I am constantly writing notes in my iPhone to help reflect on my life and help me analyze myself.  Therapists are expensive, and nobody knows me better than myself.  

The notes in my phone are longer than a CVS receipt.  It would give the normal person arthritis from scrolling, but I came across this 3am rambling and thought I'd share a look into my 3am thoughts.

"Age is the only thing that doesn't change, unfortunately age is the one thing that changes us.  Beyond the obvious physical, we change according with our environment and the respective people we choose to surround ourselves with ... All these factors directly correlate to our wellbeing and happiness.  Should I be somewhere else to make me happier?  Would I be more successful?  How will I know if what I am doing and where I am is where I am supposed to be?  I never want to sell myself short, and worry I will get stuck in a rut before ever reaching my full potential.  I fear I will look back in 5 years and think why the fuck didn't I do this earlier.  I wish I could tell my younger self a lot of things.  Right now is the time to tell my present-self something... But nothing comes to mind.  Maybe in due time."   

For not having a lot to say, I sure said a lot.  I think writing is a therapeutic way of venting, but also constructivly organizing your thoughts to clear the mind... I strongly suggest!  -I also suggest Tylenol PM to help sleep when your head is going faster than your fingers can type.  😴