Post Bologne

I hate making references to my old posts.  There are so many amazing written works in circulation [by talented writers in prestige publications] that I could pass along to educate and entertain with you guys... Instead I am going to publish a link (HERE) for you to read more of my rudimentary work.  Sometimes you just need a little background information for all of this to make sense.  I mean you can't read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, before reading the Sorcerer's Stone, right?  


When times get tough I have a tendency to disappear.  Call it an Irish goodbye, a defense mechanism, anxiety, or just plain tired... But if it doesn't feel right, I left. 

I never think anybody reads my blog. I simply think of it as my personal viral diary.  I was overwhelmed with joy at the amount of messages and emails with sweet concerned messages asking where I've been, and when there will be more posts.  I took a hiatus to find my perspective, to get re-inspired, and to avoid having a mental breakdown...  Rome wasn't made in a day... But now I'm back!   

While I was gone I’ve writing notes and jotting ideas like crazy.  It was a bit of an epiphany because I wasn't actively writing for anything, but subconsciously still doing it.  I like creating and helps bring a bit of structure to my otherwise chaotic life. Stay Tuned.