I am jealous of myself...  I wish my life was as good as it appears on Instagram.  I feel like my life consists of nursing my hangovers, pulling myself together, and politely getting out of plans!  I remember I used to stare at my phone, waiting for someone to call or text to go out, or go to dinner, or do anything... a watched pot never boils.  Now my phone is the bane of my existence.  The fucking thing never stops!  All day/all night my phone is buzzing, beeping, alerting!  My e-mails are endless, text messages beyond, and (god forbid) phone ringing off the hook...(Side note: I hate talking on the phone; I find it so evasive).  I try to live in the present, so I am actively aware how pathetic and millennial I look [that I am] so consumed by my phone. ...But these days, it's crucial to running a business.  -And as important as my “this” is to me, my family take precedence ...I am so excited to get out of town! I am heading to Minnesota for Thanksgiving.  I am going to spend some much needed family time eating, resting, and breathing clean air.  -With spotty cell reception, 🙏 to which I am thankful!