You Betcha

Rush City, Minnesota.  Population approx. 3,079.  My graduation class was about 54 kids.  Known for the worlds largest walleye.  Home to an endless array of gas stations, zero stop lights, and the hometown of ME [and Fame].  As I revisited my past, I became overwhelmed with acute nostalgia.  It is so hard to believe that I have been gone for nearly 15 years.  It’s as if nothing and everything has changed.  Maybe it is just me that has changed.  When I grew up here, I couldn't wait to get out.  At 18 I got my diploma and was on a plane to LA.  Now looking back I am so grateful for what this small town has done for me.  Living in such a small community, everyone was like family.  At the time, this was the very thing that drove me crazy!  Everything I did or didn't do would be gossiped throughout the town within 36 seconds.  However, that also kept me in check.  When given an inch, I took a mile ...and had it not been for such a close knit community, I would have probably ended up in a gutter somewhere.  I can't help but smile when remembering all the fun times I had here...roller-blade water skiing behind cars, Friday night football games, being a lifeguard (or rather just getting a good tan), and most importantly going to the mall every weekend senior year to make sure I was a clean sweep for "Best Dressed."  -Awww the good ol' days! Today it’s the home of my family that I love spending time with… and this big fuckin’ fish!