What the fork

In California it's easier to buy a gun than get a fuckin’ straw.  There has recently been a straw ban in Los Angeles.  I agree with helping save the planet, but also think it's ridiculous... why straws?  Straws suck, but what about other "to-go" utensils?  Plastic forks are flying cool under the radar.

Just the other day there was an outraged crusty-mer at Starbucks livid that they didn't have paper straws...as she picked up her PLASTIC Venti Ice Coffee Cup... darlin' get informed, both are plastic.  

 In Los Angeles, I feel the need to discuss another order of hazards waste: discarded breast implants. Are we not concerned with all the discarded breasts of the implanted C that wants to upgrade to a DD?  Are they being recycled?  And are sea turtles chocking on those titties or are they just getting a lot of underwater action?  Should there also be a boob-ban?  Just voicing a concerned citizens thoughts.  The more you know 🌈