Just Because You're Trash...

...Doesn't mean you can't do great things.  It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.

Just because your life is spiraling around the gutter, doesn't mean you can take your problems out on everyone around you.  I feel like I have been getting attached by people because they hate their life, and I am simply caught in their crossfire.  I am an eternal optimist, and because I can rationalize my personally problems without causing a scene; I am therefor the enemy.  Complaining about your problems doesn't make them better... figuring out a solution does.  If you are tired of being fat... workout.  If you are tired of being poor... spend less money.  If you are tired of being ugly... ... ...well some things you just have to live and let be.    

I try not to let fickle problems get to me, and focus on the bigger picture to gain perspective.  I think if we all threw our problems in a pile, and saw everyone else's, how many of us would grab ours back.  Don't get me wrong, I am not Susie sunshine with rainbow kisses and butterfly wishes, I have bad days too [just like everyone else]... But being conscious to not put my bad energy out there, and ruining someone's day, is called being an adult.  So if you are out there honking in deadlock traffic, and screaming at a barista cause they forgot your almond milk, and talk down to anyone: Grow the fuck up!  Life is short.  Enjoy the views around you... It's kinda hard not to here Malibu!