Kanye Not?!

I love Kanye West.  The brand.  I love Yeezy, I love the music, can't stand the person.  To me it's like a job... hate putting in the hours, but love the money.  -Back to Kanye, who would have thought with all the krazy Kardashians, that he would turn out to be the biggest whack job of them all!  -And thats saying a lot!!  Incase you've haven't been "keeping up" there has been sex tapes, teen pregnancies, infidelity, alcohol abuse, held up at gun point, baby daddy drama...oh and Caitlyn!  With Kanye's latest stunts...I think he trumped them all...A pun was slightly intended!  Saying he got liposuction for the American public, so we wouldn't judge him for being fat, is like saying the we love Kim because of her monumental personality. It's absurd!  Also, not to speak the obvious, but if your best friend is Donal Trump, I think a psychological evaluation should be considered before making any further "statements".  I don't know if these are uneducated rants, or cried for help?  I don't like to bash people, but stick to what you know: ...lately, thats not been a lot.  I can't even say music anymore because whatever that rhyming "poop" song was sounded like shit...again a slight pun was intended.  I guess what I am trying to say is who else is over the Kardashian / Jenner shit-show?  I think the final season (should be now) and they should all be on Survivor (without glam squads) and be forced to vote a family member off... to Canada.  That's something I could get on board with!