Haters Gonna Hate

Why does everyone care [so much] about what other people say about them?  ...I think you will agree, when I am heated and on a good one, I don't believe half the words coming out of my mouth... so why take to heart when others talk shit?  

For those of you who get caught up in the drama, take into account the source.  The people who are running their mouths the most are the bottom feeders of the world that aren't happy with themselves.  I have a lot of haters... I think of it as an accomplishment.  They need to talk about me because if they talk about themselves no one would give AF.

Call it ignorance or just simply not caring, but I am completely immune to peoples' opinion of me.  If there were rumors that I was fucking barnyard animals on Hollywood Blvd it wouldn't phase me... I'd be more worried about said animals!  If you don't like me and still watch everything I do, bitch you are a fan!  Thanks for the views!  

Side note:  It wasn't me on Hollywood Blvd... It was probably Marilyn Manson...We get mistaken for each other quite often.