What do you do?

I get asked an uncomfortable amount... "What do you do?"  My answer... Not sleep.


Monday.  I wake up at 5:15am to frantically scour my apartment for my yoga clothes and mat before I jet off to Modo Yoga for my hour of "me time" [at hot yoga].  After class, I run to Starbucks for much needed caffeine for the day.  Once I am home, I have just enough time to check my e-mails, see what happened last night on IG, shower and get ready before going to work at 9.  I work 9-5 at a branding agency where I manage the social accounts.  After work I speed home to put myself together and style outfits to shoot content for the blog [before the sun goes down].  Luckily all my photographers are friends so I get to spend some much needed quality time (while working).  We shoot for a couple hours and then it's back to my apartment to clean up the chaos: that is 7 outfits thrown around my apartment ...while I upload the photos.  I go through my pictures and start editing... Before I know it, it's 11pm and my mind is going a mile a minute.  In attempt to calm my head before bed, I put on mindless television but usually fall asleep before the opening credits.


Tuesday.  My alarm goes off at 5:25... I let myself sleep in an extra 10 minutes cause like a kids first day of school, I set aside my yoga clothes the night before.  Tuesday is Yoga Flow (an advanced level) so after class I get an extra shot in my Venti Ice Coffee, cause I'm exhausted and need that extra kick...  I go to the office, I do my daily routine except today after work, I have to do some writing.  I am always adding notes on phone of possible blog ideas, or experiences I feel inclined to share... as usually I get in a deep hole of writing, and before I know it, I'm falling asleep my computer jotting what is beginning to sound like nonesense... I put the computer away and go to sleep.


Wednesday.  Same-Same 5:15am-5:30pm same routine.  Today after work I have to go to Santa Monica to shoot a night series piece for an undisclosed project... After wrapping I drive home, thank God for blaring LANY in my car, I am able to stay awake long enough to park, take off my shoes and fall into bed... I am sound asleep by 11.


Thursday.  I hit snooze too many times, so I wake up at 5:45 and miss my yoga class.  Instead I head to Crunch for some cardio and weights.  Highly annoyed I didn't get my yoga zen, I get a coffee after the gym, and stop again before work.... Thank you Starbucks for always picking me up.  Again work til 5:30.  I have a dinner at 8, so I rush home to try and put together images and writing in prep to post on the blog...  Going through hundreds of pictures, and editing writing, I got sucked into my computer, lost track of time, and now it's 8:10.   I attempt to postpone my dinner plans with my friends... but they don't put up with my shit... So I hurry to change and meet up with them.  When eating Mexican, it's disrespectful not to have a couple Margaritas..  The alcohol and laughter catch up to me, and like Cinderella I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.


Friday!  With an extra pep in my step full of excitement of the upcoming weekend, I jump out of bed and off to Yoga!  Also because it's summer Friday, I get off work 4:30.  I have enough time after work to make final edits on my writing, make picture selects, and schedule the following days posts for my blog and social pages. I then spend a good hour skimming through thousands of unread e-mails, weeding out spam and advertisements and replying to prospective offers... Feeling accomplished (and slightly defeated) from a full week, I meet up with friends for some much needed cocktails!  Like a grandpa, I am done by 12... but my friends keep me out... well the rest is a bit of a blur.


Saturday.  Although my alarm doesn't go off, my internal clock has me wide awake by 7.  I'm not sure if it's a hangover, or simply exhaustion but I am feeling very lethargic.  I go for a hike to get some fresh air and to clear my head.  I have brunch with a friend, which naturally includes mimosas. Feeling giggly and creative, I go home to write and catch up on all my TV shows I fell asleep to during week.  


Sunday.  Luckily with the aid of Tylenol PM the night prior, I slept til 10.  I wake up to see the disaster that is my apartment.  I prepare to go to the gym, but suddenly realize I don't have any clean gym clothes. After a few hours and few loads of clothes, I am off to the gym at 1... and home by 3.  I then address my filthy apartment... it's now 4 and realize I haven't eaten yet.  That's when I  discover I haven't been to the grocery store in days.  By the time I grocery shop, make food, and get settled back at home... it's time to relax before bed in preparation for another busy week ahead... and in a blink of an eye....




I love and find so much joy in what I do... I am just always in a perpetual state of exhaustion.