"I Don't Know Her."

I try to be a nice person, but ya know sometimes you just have to throw a little shade.

What is with all these guys wearing crop tops...  1st of all, just don't.  2nd maybe invest in a full length mirror before buying scissors.  Nobody wants to see your gut.

What is with everyone showing their asses...  I remember when posting a shirtless picture was THOT-ful, now every time I go on IG in public it looks like an X-rated Tumblr account.  Please save that for your Only Fans page... and put some damn pants on.

[Piggy-backing on that last one...] What is with everyone trying to look like a Kardashian...  Whenever I am on Melrose Ave. every girl (and a few boys) look like they are out of a janky version of Keeping Up With The Kardashians: the low budget, knock off, Urban Outfitter addition.  Unless you have the funds, body, or beauty...please don't.

What is with all these activists...  I am all for a good cause, but practice what you preach.  The idiots who are pushing their values about not eating meat because of the animals, well bitch where do you think your leather belt came from?  That leather purse?  -That's cowhide and animal skin.  Be educated. 

What is with all these jealous people... Nothing is more disgusting than jealousy.  If you don't have it, work for it.  If you can't get it... appreciate it.  Jealousy is a disease, get better soon!  

What is with these people who pretend they don't know me...  I have met a lot of people.  I've been around the block (not like that).  When you are with friends, you ignore me... and when you're alone, you act like you are my best friend.

I'll make it easy for you, every time I see you I will pull a Mariah Carey, "I don't know her."