Oh The Places You'll Go

"You'll be seeing great sights You'll join the high fliers Who soar to high heights."  

When I graduated from high school, at my graduation party all my friends and family wrote in this Dr. Seuss book.  Filled with kind words and inspiration, this book has been by my side since I was 18.  I have since got that quote forever immortalized by tattooing it on my body.  I look at it and it gives me an overwhelming excitement for new adventures.

When I am in the same place for too long, I get stir crazy.  People thought I was crazy for having moved across the country, to then move to the opposite side of the country, and then back... Well, maybe "they" are the crazy ones.  The thought of being stifled and to begrudgingly settle [for me] is more terrifying than the fear of the unknown. 

Traveling and getting out of my comfort level is when I feel most alive.  It opens my mind and heart to feel how tiny of a place I occupy in this world.  The memories I have made along the way are my most prized possession (even more than my Gucci fanny pack).  If I am simply just living, I am regretting... and I never want to regret anything.  I've been in a slump lately and I can either read Chicken Soup For The Soul, or take my soul on a journey.  My GoFund me link to follow LOL.