Fyre Festival 2019

My life is exactly like Fyre Festival; wildly disappointing and really fucking expensive! 

Current life state: 

Phone: 1% 

Gas: E

Savings Account: Red

Mental Stability: Low

However the saddest tragedy in my current [life] state is that I won’t be able to attend Fyre Fest '19. I don't understand why this concert was considered such a flop. Concert go-ers stated there was a shortage of water so they were forced to drink alcohol straight from the bottle! -AWWW pobrecita!

Apparently the image of the cheese sandwich was the nail in the coffin for this festival. To me, this sounded like a conspiracy from those hangry gluten-free Nazis who hate their lives because they can't enjoy carbs!  Throw that sandwich in the sun, bake that bitch, and you have a grilled cheese sandwich in the Bahamas… what more can you ask for?

The funniest part from watching these documentaries are the people furious at the influencers for false advertising. Have you seen an influencer in real life? Their whole life is a fake facade of smoke and mirrors, filters, and Photoshop. I would say millions of people can’t be wrong [for following them] but look at our last presidential election!

The only thing I am certain is that Billy McFarland & Ja Rule 2020 is what America needs!