Hashtag Victim

It's just a couple weeks into 2019, and it seems the biggest trend this year is self-deprecation. The ball barely dropped at midnight and Kendall Jenner made a "heartfelt" statement about her struggle with acne and anxiety. I'm sorry, KENDALL JENNER, maybe if you were a clerk at CVS instead of a world-wide supermodel, your life may be a little less stressful.  

Shortly after, Hailey (Baldwin) Beiber took to Instagram to rant about her lack of self confidence... I don't think it's a physical ailment, I believe it's mental.  If Hailey looks in the mirror and sees ugly, maybe she’s a schizophrenic cause she is seeing something the rest of the world can’t see. 

Regardless, I think this whole victim mentality is extremely annoying. I learned as a child that everyone has their own issues, and being an adult comes with accepting those sad truths and moving on. It seems very adolescent to put your personal issues on other people, and frankly a lame ploy for attention!  The driving force of “celebrity” is to create a facade to show an idealistic life for us regular folk to take our minds off our own shitty lives, and to strive for something better.  Not for us to feel pitty for these people and their petty issues.  We don't want to relate, we want to be inspired!

The point of this rant is to educate everyone to quit complaining and shut the fuck up! Confidence is sektual! instead of obsessing on your shortcomings, [be quiet] and look on the bright side.

Here are some personal examples-take note:
-In a perfect world I would have locks like Robert Pattinson...I don't - but I have a good shaped head and luckily can pull off the “hat look”. It also takes me significantly less time to get ready, I don’t have to worry about split ends, and I save a lot of money on shampoo!
-I was blessed (sarcasm) with varicose veins. My legs look like something straight out of a horror film.  What they lack in appearance they gain in length. I can’t wear shorts, but I have the height to pull off a pair of "boyfriend" jeans (where the vertically challenged look like a sack of potatoes). -And I have the legs to pull off leather pants without looking like an 80's hair band chode or a S&M master!

-I have bad social anxiety. Since my eyes are different, strangers always come up to me and talk to me [about them]... I wish they wouldn't! And they never believe that my eyes / eyelashes are real. I find this so invasive.  I wouldn't go up to a stranger with nice boobs, talk to her about them, and then not believe her when she says they are real.  They are for viewing, not speaking. For the record my eyes and lashes are real, and they are perfect.  Let the haters hate! -My boobs are real too! LOL.

Do you see how ridiculous it sounds to outwardly talk about your issues. I guarantee nobody cares.  So if you are "that person" complaining about how fat and ugly you are... Go to the gym, change your diet, then you can just be ugly! Or go to the liquor store and drink til you have some liquid confidence. Cheers!