Netflix & Alone

What is moderation?  Whether I am drinking or watching tv, I prefer it in binge!

Here is what I am watching / watched:  

Manifest (Hulu) I am not usually a fan of prime time tv series unless it's 20/20 (I love me a good unsolved mystery).  However this show is so creatively plotted and leaves me with a pit of anxiety every week that I thirst for.

Murder Mountain (Netflix) This is shocking!  I finished in a day.  It makes me want to drive up north and solve crimes!  I was totally invested and have so many questions!  And why does nobody have teeth?  Is it meth or is this some sort of underlying water issue?  Very concerned.

Amnesia (Amazon Prime) No words! Watch! 

Fyre Festival (Hulu & Netflix) I am obsessed.  I have watched both of these documentaries an uncomfortable amount of times.  Some people put on Friends for some easy watching background noise, I put on Fyre Festival documentaries!  I literally have FOMO cause I still want to go!  -And is it too controversial that Billy is my entrepreneurial icon.  -And the guy who is willing to give BJ's for Evian... What a team player!  Truly inspiring my work ethic!

Abducted In Plain Sight (Netflix) WTF is the world coming to!  Without giving too much away, the parents need to be locked up!  My jaw was on the floor during this whole deranged documentary.  Not for the faint of heart.  -And where did the aliens come from/go?  Watch and get back to me on that.

Vanderpump Rules (Bravo) I love some trash reality tv!  I like to keep up with my old roommate, Jax Taylor's latest scandals.  100% trash and 110% entertaining!

The Fall (Netflix) If you can get over the weird accents, this is a favorite.  So dark and twisted, I think we are seeing a pattern here.

Dogs (Netflix) I was expecting this to be super depressing and instead found myself getting misty-eyed of elation.  A good little pick me up series.  Makes me miss my little guy, Fame! -And how sweet is Ice?!

Afflicted (Netflix) I watched this for 5 minutes and self diagnosed myself with a million WebMD mental health issues.  All of which are apparently fatal.  Go figure.

Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) Just a look back or forward at Trump’s America.

What are you watching?  Send me your recommendations.