You Are A Filthy Pig

Training a puppy is difficult.  Sophie is into EVERYTHING, but she is so cute I can't get mad at her.  With that being said, I also don't want [to raise] one of those asshole dogs that are not trained and behave horribly in public.  Like me, Princess Sophie has a bad temper.  Every time I have to discipline her, she barks and then takes her pent up rage and aggression out; onto her little toy pig (who she loves).  I realized just how much alike we are.  I have to deal with bullshit all the time. Instead of telling everyone they are stupid and to fuck off, I take out all my frustration here, for you, my readers (who I love).  Like father like daughter.

If we are talking about similarities: when we go on walks, Sophie's "new thing" is she loves to play with trash.  I date trash.  As a puppy she has been known to eat her own poop.  I too find myself in shitty situations.  Sophie pees sitting down.  #guilty 🙋‍♂️. What can I say, I am very busy so any chance I get to take a minute to sit down and relax, I am invested.   

As much as we are alike, daddy's little girl is her own unique person.  Unlike her father, Sophie has been humping everything in sight [including her daddy]. Also unlike me, Sophie is so skinny you can see every bone in her body... I can barely see my toes from my gut.  And especially unlike Sophie I am not gonna be as ruthless to you as she is to that poor little pig!