Get Well Soon

Don't come for me unless I send for you! People have always been coming for me for years. I learned at an early age that jealousy and insecurity are the root of all evil. I find it ironic that most peoples' insecurities stem from their unhappiness with the way they look, however their crippling stank personality is what makes their already lackluster appearance-- Ugly!

Have you ever witnessed the pure hate and rage of a salty insecure girl scrolling through Instagram... "-She photoshops her face! -She doesn't look like that in real life! -I don't think she is that pretty!" -says the basic ugly bitch scrolling.

If you watched The Lion King, it's "the circle of life"... and in todays society, it's talking shit on people prettier, smarter, and more successful than you [as a coping mechanism for their sad pathetic lives].

(Side note: I'm guilty too, I make reference to Gigi Hadid's snaggle tooth at least once a day, but that’s because I am a funny bitch, and love her.)

But in all seriousness, in the normalcy of day-to-day I am secure enough with the way I look and confident enough in my intelligence that I keep my mouth shut and don't give 2 fucks what people say about me. That is taking the high road, peasants. -And as long as those low life losers are still talking about you, that just reaffirms that you👏🏼 still👏🏼 got👏🏼 it👏🏼! Jealousy is a disease, get well soon, bitch.