Fruit Snack

When I was a kid I got a Fruit Snack stuck up my nose, my life has gotten progressively worse since. When I say “stuck up my nose”, I’m talking: having to go to the hospital to get it out …”up my nose”. Once in the hospital they had to take a giant needle nose (no pun intended) tweezers to rip it out. These days my low carb diet prohibits me from any Fruit Snack indulgences... but the ripping continues. 

Have you heard the term “ripped a new asshole?” It’s very descriptive and feels very real. 

I have a lot going on and a lot of eyes on every thing I do. I try to give 100 percent on any thing I sign off on, and at the very least- do the best I can... in the process, the peanut gallery of people belittling, ridiculing, and ripping me apart continues.

I don't like to stoop down to people below me's level, but if you have time to talk shit on someone who is working their ass off [trying to do better for themselves]... I have to ask— What the fuck are 👏🏼 you👏🏼 doing👏🏼? Get a job, a hobby, or get off my jock— at the end of the day I know what happens to people who work hard... and if life is anything like high school, the shit talking “mean girls” all end up fat, ugly and divorced!  So there’s that! Keep talking... I'll be working.

Hat Brixton // T-shirt Vintage Harley Davidson // Pants Rag & Bone // Shoes Golden Goose