Fuck Luck

Tell me why out of all the contacts in my phone, I butt-dialed "DO NOT ANSWER."  We all have that one person in our lives we would literally love to drag behind a pickup truck...down a really bumpy road, with nails, on the freeway...but still can't completely delete them from our life; so we simply add them in our phones as "DO NOT ANSWER."  For me New York was the driver of that truck and I was the road kill tied to the back.  After four years I had to simply say "Adios Mothafucker."  It was like leaving a really bad date, at an expensive restaurant, that you inevitably paid for.  Now I simply wear my NY Yankees hat in beautiful LA, with my blue suede Golden Goose sneakers... and when it snows on the east coast, I am most definitely getting a tan at a rooftop pool with an open bar...I'll take that luck.

Hat New Era // Jacket Vintage Levis // Tshirt Kelly Cole // Pants H&M // Shoes Golden Goose