Street Walker

Nobody in LA walks anywhere.  The only time I see people walking down the street is when they have last nights regrets written all over their shamed face.  I have (a little) class and at least call an Uber instead of drawing attention to my "walk of shame" by walking barefoot down Sunset Blvd. with my shoes in hand.  I like my jeans ripped, my t shirts vintage, and with my drunk antics...I often get mistaken for a different street personality; the homeless person.  To distinguish and let it be known my look is purposeful, I pair my thrift store Levis, and flea market Harley Davidson shirt with something designer (this case Golden Goose shoes, and Alexander Wang bag) just to make it clear to the public that I don't want their left overs and I don't want their money...if they wanna give me dollars they can do that later when I'm at work... on the pole.

Hat ASOS // Shirt Vintage Harley Davidson // Shorts Levis //  Flannel Rag & Bone // Bag Alexander Wang // Shoes Golden Goose