Jealousy is a disease

Get better soon.  Jealousy stems from insecurity, and the rude feedback I receive, I take as a compliment.  Let me explain:  I would love to see cellulite on Beyonce... Why?  Cause she is fucking perfect and that would make regular-old-me feel better about myself knowing she is human too.  I wouldn't, however, make fun of a homeless person's outfit... life hasn't been as fortunate to him, so why kick someone when they are down.  The point I am trying to make is the fuglies writing the rude comments behind the anonymity of their computers are bitter because they are jealous.

I find it so interesting when I hear (girls like) Cara, Bella, Kendall and Gigi discuss how they get so tormented online...they get paid millions of dollars for the way they look.  They are good enough for Vogue, yet the run-of-the-mill-regular-Joe-trash are making the harsh comments...the irony!  At the end of the day, these people are following us...If you are so concerned with anything we am doing (don't comment)  "unfollow."