I got some interesting "feedback" from my post titled "American't"  I was simply stating an opinion.  I appreciate your opinion...I suggest with all your free time, you can make your own blog with your own opinions instead of sending angry e-mails about mine.  Why are you so angry?  Sounds like some serious daddy issues to me.  I have said from the beginning; my writing views are satirical, controversial, and often times at a low taste level.  The blog is my creative outlet,  in hopes of bringing light and some laughter in a harsh world.  If you are so offended...go back to delivery.com and stuff your face with food to shut your mouth, you stupid bitch.    

XOXO,  @Sektual

For the record, I am so grateful for all our brave men and woman serving our country.  In no way was my posting reflecting those who dedicate their lives protecting us.