Hunger Games

You may as well call me Katniss Everdeen, cause the struggle is real!  Not to downplay her struggle of survival, but I can totally relate to her stress.  How am I supposed to lose weight when Burger King comes out with a Whopper Burrito?  How do I deal with my love of Saint Laurent footwear with a dwindling bank account?  How do I counteract the signs of aging with my outgoing lifestyle?  -And the biggest struggle, how do I keep my [sometimes inappropriate] mouth shut when I am clearly the voice of reason?  People constantly ask my opinion, and when I speak the truth, they take offense ...and I come off as an asshole.  If they want a sugar-coated answer, I simply tell them to watch the movie "He's Just Not That Into You."  Somehow [to them] I still come off as being cold-hearted.  It's a lose/lose battle.  If you thought your Tinder date was bad, you could be stranded in a dome in an ultimate life/death battle...well I've had some sour Tinder dates maybe I would rather battle to death nevermind...

Sunglasses Acne Studios // Hat & Shirt Vintage // Jacket TopMan // Pants Zanerobe // Shoes Adidas Tubular X

Photographer // Carlzen Balagot