It must've been love, but I'm sober now🎶

It's amazing the power of alcohol.  I have been doing a personal dissertation on the effects of alcohol consumption for most of my 20's...and continuing my fieldwork now in my 30's.  I will turn down no happy hour, or pass up a single night out in my market research.  I will go to every birthday / baby shower / going away party (so long as alcohol will be involved) and weddings...Yes, I can def drink to that!   Vodka, wine, and tequila...Sí, Oui, Ja! 

My conclusion is as follows:  False-belief of beauty is strong.  The proof is in the pictures [I post], that I inevitably delete when the haze is over.  I also mistake every "Average Joe/Jolene" to be a former contestant of America's Next Top Model.  My, Eyes, bloodshot.  Skin, greasy.  Face, bloated.  But feel amazing!  My personality is polar moody.  At a quick glance: I appear to be happy go-lucky, and a bad look from a stranger can turn that to a downward spiral quickly.  Speech begins to slur, plans begin to be made...  A true sign of being over-served is when I start making plans for the following morning...because truth-be-told, the only thing I will be doing in the morning is Netflix-ing and chill-ing.  Long term effect:  Plummeting bank account.  Texting people the truth (whether it's love or hate), and an uncontrollable headache and insatiable appetite. 

Drink responsibly...or don't!  But always remember to Uber/Lyft home!  And remember to always ask your [Uber/Lyft] driver if he/she wants a burger when you are in that drive-thru on the way's just good karma!

Hat Neff // Sunglasses RayBan // Sweater H&M // Tshirt Pale Black Vintage // Shorts Levis // Shoes Saint Laurent