Sugar Daddy

I want to be rich enough for you to love me for my money.  I have completely given up on finding someone who loves me for me...My last shot at love is being a Sugar Daddy.  The only problem with this foolproof plan is finding the funds.  My bank account in dryer than the Sahara, fortunately my closet is also like the Sahara...Hot!

There has been a new trend on the dating scene, and NO I'm not talking about Raya... (that's old news).  Maybe I'm just getting a tough batch of right swipes, but when did everyone become so insecure.  I like to think of myself as confident.  Of course I have insecurities, but nothing to lose sleep over.  With that being said, lately "first date" drinks have turned into roast fests.  The mentality to put someone down to make yourself feel better is a bit antiquated.  If you want to go there....Game On!  "We forgot to address the giant elephant in the room...YOU!  Moving forward I suggest updating your photos, as you are 50+ pounds larger than what you are advertising."  ....Game Over!

Hat Top Man // Sunglasses Dior // Sweatshirt Acne Studios // Shorts Zanerobe // Shoes Balengiaga