I'm Always The Bigger Person...I'm 6'3"

I wish the above statement were true...On the contrary, I will lie, cheat, and steal to get revenge at any means necessary.  Payback is a bitch, and so am I.  Taking the "high road" for me is filled with road rage...some people ride the crazy train, I drive the motherfucker.  -With that being said, let me transition into the next topic of conversation-  I am 6'3", which I never thought of as being a freak-of-nature stature.  However, Los Angeles is filled with a sea of actors.  -Actors like Tom Cruise who stands at a staggering 5 feet 7 inches!  -And that's the norm!  Needless to say, I stand out in a crowd, and I get a lot of stares...stares by people who look at me like they have never seen a walking goddess before.  To those little actors out there, unfortunately you won't find this patched denim jacket at Baby Gap.  Sorry. I am also sorry your mother spent too much time in the hot tub while pregnant with you, so you weren't able to properly develop.  Lucky for you, In N Out doesn't have a height requirement!