Role Model

I am really concerned for today's youth.  Back when I was a kid we had empowering role models to look up to.  It really molded me into the person I am today.  People like Dennis Rodman, who instilled a good moral compass that paved the way for my bright future.  It was a simpler time... Kim Kardashian was still a virgin (and worked for another positive role model, Paris Hilton).  Lindsay Lohan was an innocent freckled-faced ginger, who's biggest worry was perfecting her British accent for The Parent Trap (meanwhile she should have been perfecting her spray tan since we all know orange skin with an orange jumpsuit is a fashion faux pas).  -And Justin Beiber's parents were still on birth control ...Those were the days.  Today the kids look up to celebrities like Taylor Swift...who is a walking billboard for the saying, "Nobody wants to buy the ice cream truck when you're handing out the popsicles for free!"  Keep your head high and legs closed.

Photographer // Carlzen Balagot